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Gimjang tours make kimchi

Often requiring many hands and hours of labor, gimjang, in which large batches of kimchi are made for the coming winter, appears to be on its way out. Increasingly, people make kimchi throughout the year in smaller amounts or buy it at stores.

Yet, kimchi remains a staple on Korean dining tables and people want more healthy choices when it comes to something that they consume daily.

Dongwon F&B's Yangban Kimchi has been conducting its Gimjang Tour since 1999. These tours take place at the company's kimchi factory in Jincheon, North Chungcheong Province. Visitors tour the facility guided by experts and have the opportunity to make their own kimchi with their preferred taste. The workshop exclusively uses ingredients from Korea. After gimjang is completed, the finished kimchi is sent to the participant's home via parcel delivery.

The Yangban Kimchi Gimjang Tour operates from Monday to Dec. 8 and can be reserved at Dongwon Mall's official webpage until Dec. 6.

"This program was initially designed for those who have always wanted to experience gimjang but never had the chance, so we see many young participants eager to take up the challenge," an official at Dongwon F&B told The Korea Herald.

The tour costs 53,000 won, which covers a kilogram of kimchi, typically one head of lettuce, round-trip bus fare, a bossam lunch with different types of kimchi and quick-bite snacks. Each tour accommodates up to 40 participants and two tours are given per day.

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